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What is the names and number of the form I send to the

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What is the names and number of the form I send to the defendants telling them I am adding a claimant ( having got permission to do do from rcj
Good afternoonThank you for your message, I will do what I can to help.I believe the form you are referring to that needs to be completed then sent to the Court first (before the Defendants) to apply to have a Claimant added, is a N244 application notice. I have attached a copy to this message. Please do check the Court rules and guidance to ensure you are following the correct procedure. From the information given (with only Court permission to have a Claimant added), 2.1 appears to be the appropriate procedure: Addition or substitution of claimant2.1 Where an application is made to the court to add or to substitute a new party to the proceedings as claimant, the party applying must file:(1) the application notice,(2) the proposed amended claim form and particulars of claim, and(3) the signed, written consent of the new claimant to be so added or substituted.2.2 Where the court makes an order adding or substituting a party as claimant but the signed, written consent of the new claimant has not been filed:(1) the order, and(2) the addition or substitution of the new party as claimant,will not take effect until the signed, written consent of the new claimant is filed.2.3 Where the court has made an order adding or substituting a new claimant, the court may direct:(1) a copy of the order to be served on every party to the proceedings and any other person affected by the order,(2) copies of the statements of case and of documents referred to in any statement of case to be served on the new party,(3) the party who made the application to file within 14 days an amended claim form and particulars of claim. I hope that helps. Best of luck, Kind regards Krystel*Please rate my answer so I can be credited for it
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes I sent that one and got back verbal reply that spproval had been given so I just wondered how I notify the defendants of this ? Via a new sort of form / by email ????
Thank you for your message Great - you simply write a letter or email attaching a copy of the application notice (and enclosures) issued by the Court informing the Defendants that subsequent to the attached application a new Claimant has been added. The Court may have sent a copy to the Defendants already but it is your duty as a party to the proceedings to notify them in writing also. Thanks Krystel
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Great so just final confirmation - copy of my form applying to court to add 2 nd claimant along with the particulars of claim and covering letter saying this has now been approved by court ( although only orally when I phoned up - they said they would send written confirmation but nothing received yet - but have been v v slow ! Last question I promise !!
That's good that you're working ahead of the Court, it shows the opponents that you have your house in order. Send a copy of the application notice and enclosures (i.e. amended particulars of claim with new Claimant) with cover letter to the Defendant explaining that the Court have permitted additional Claimant etc. Then for completeness, write to the Court enclosing a copy of that cover letter to the Defendants, stating that you have served a copy of the application on the Defendants after receiving a telephone call on ....... from a Court clerk confirming approval. Thanks Krystel
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Brilliant ! Till next round of stuff ! Will request you again
Thank you so much for your rating!