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2 years ago I had an accident in

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Hello, my name is Betty.
2 years ago I had an accident in a pub in Blackpool called Ma Kelly's. I was out celebrating with my colleague who is going to do her nurses training.
We went for a meal first then went to Ma Kelly's. Granted I did have a couple of drinks but I was not drunk.
my friend and I had a dance then another friend waved me over because her husband arrived. As I walked across the room I waved, then in an instance I was down on the floor! I felt severe pain in my left ankle, however with help I managed to stand up. When I looked at my surroundings I had fallen down a few steps, there were no warnings or hand rails. I ended up with a plaster cast on it, but it turned out it was soft tissue injury.
I immediately phoned a solicitor to act on my behalf, called Lewis Mitchell, the man they sent was Roger Spensley. I've now learned Ma Kelly's are not insured after all this time!
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.What is it you would like to know about this please?Alex
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
What my solicitor is saying is that because Ma Kelly's are not insured then they will not pay me out in a claim.
I would like to know if they are an established business, isn't it against the law that they haven't got public insurance?
Also it's taken my solicitor all this time to contact me, plus he got the name wrong in the email, he said Ma Baker's! I have emailed him to correct him.
In your opinion do you think I have a case against the owner of Ma Kelly's?
That makes no difference whether they are insured. You sue the business (or owner if its not Ltd personally).It makes no difference whatsoever whether they are insured or not.From what you said you may have a claim
Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?Alex
But it makes no difference. if you paid Southern Timber Co Ltd, then they are responsible. Not the sub contractor. It depends on who you have paid. For example if you contract Bill Smith to do plumbing work and he sub contracts to Fred, Bill is still liable.
Does that clarify?Alex
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