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If I complain that someone is breaking the criminal law, but

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If I complain that someone is breaking the criminal law, but the police brush it off as insignificant, what action can I take to make the miscreant comply?
Hello what are the allegations?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
A drone pilot has been flying overs houses in his Street, at night. Remonstrated with him. Called local Police, who were not interested what laws were being contravened, only if the pilot was causing a nuisance. Police informed that his flying was against the Civil Aviation Act. Contacted the Civil Aviation Authority directly, but not interested. Contacted the British Model Flying Association who say that they are keen to educate drone pilots in general, but couldn't get involved on an individual case. I am a fully qualified and insured model flyer, who adheres to the rules. How can I get them enforcemed against an individual?
I am really sorry but you cannot force an authority to bring prosecutions or regulatory action. That is a matter for them entirely not least because they have to consider issues such as public interest. You could take out a private prosecution but there is cost in that and you face the risk that CPS or other body will take it over and drop it. I’m very sorry but that is the reality. If you have contacted all bodies and they are not interested then I’m afraid there is no action that can be taken to force them. We do not have prosecutions upon demand in the UK and we never have for good sound reasons. Can I clarify anything for you? Jo
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks Jo,
Much as I expected. It looks like the only way is, within the limits of civilised behaviour, to name and shame the individual. Social media is probably the modern way.
Yes, that is one option. Youtube is very accessible. All the best.
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