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Jo C.
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Good afternoon After a tumultuous 5 year on/off relationship

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Good afternoon
After a tumultuous 5 year on/off relationship my partner has thrown me out of shared rental accommodation (2am this morning) and is threatening to destroy and bin all of my property if I do not pick it up by 5PM today. I have nowhere to live or store my goods, and am currently more than an hour away from the property: do I have a legal precedent to quote to stop her carrying out her threat?
She can't just throw you out.You have a right to gain access with your keys. She cannot just randomly decide you have to go.If she destroys your property then that is criminal damage and you can make a complaint to the police.If she has changed the locks to the property then have a locksmith gain entry and sue her for the cost.The only thing to consider is that she will probably do what some women do in this situation and start making allegations of domestic or sexual abuse. Very useful to get partners evicted. She cannot lawfully do it and, of course, she should not make false allegations of abuse although we all know the reality.Can I clarify anything for you?Jo
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you Jo
You are naturally completely on the money: I have just received a text referencing Google research of domestic abuse...
I will stand my ground and not cross the city to remove my property, as I need adequate time to organise transport and a storage unit.
Are you in a position for me direct my partner to your chambers (ie name of chambers and number of reception), as she will accuse me of lying when I tell her I have sought advice?
It is extraordinary that a relationship can come to this.
Am I in a position to nominate a realistic turnaround time to collect my property?
Thank you
Yes, of course you do. You cannot work miracles. One day is completely unreasonable and she will end up in court if she destroys your goods.What she will do then is suddenly remember you chanting Satanic rituals while eating babies during the course of your relationship though. Funny how they all suddenly remember the repeated rapes when the relationship has ended.Keep the text. Very useful.She can accuse you of lying all she wants. Then plead guilty in court when she destroys your goods.
I can't give you personal information under the rules of this site though.
Jo C. and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No problem.
It transpires that she has already removed my clothing (charity donation) and is going ahead with removing my property at 5PM.
Another life lesson I guess.
Thank you for your answers
You had best report that to the police then.You also have a claim against her for the value of the lost goods.That will make her wake up a bit.