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My house deeds clearly show that my house and three adjacent

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my house deeds clearly show that my house and three adjacent houses share a driveway. We have no problems with each other although sometimes it does get quite congested. Someone down the street who is visiting insists on parking in out driveway even though they have their own parking. It is just that our driveway is closer to their front door. When I repeatedly told him to move his car he flatly refused. I told him I would have it towed away and he replied that if I touched his car he would kill me. Really! I was shocked and told him that I would call the police if he continued to park there. What can I do if he keeps on parking in our driveway. I am really upset and worried about this.
1. Dear Neil, if this person continues to park on your driveway, then I would suggest you contact a contractual towing service and have the car towed away. This will put a stop to this person parking on your land. In law, you have the right to remove any object, situated unlawfully on your land. So here, just get the car towed and once this person learns their lesson, they will not park there again. Additionally, I would advise you to make a complaint to the police in advance of towing the car about the threatening words spoken where this person said "I will kill you". IN law, this threatening behaviour constitutes an assault. So make a complaint in advance of towing the car as they will both ensure that this person will not carry out reprisals and will also put the police on warning if there is a subsequent reprisal.
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