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Alex W - thanks the advise you have given so far.

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Hi Alex W - thanks for all the advise you have given so far. Hope I'm nearing the end of all this need to ask further advise about DBS check.I have taken on board what you said about standard DBS checks but what about enhanced checks. He may want to coach children at sport. Am I right in saying it is at the discretion of the chief Constable/police as to whether the allegation of rape with an 18 yr old girl which was nfa'd is disclosed.At the police station last week the detective said he couldn't think of a scenario where he would disclose the allegation because the alleged victim was 18 yrs old .
However because disclosure is discretionary I am concerned the next detective some time in the future may disclose . Can you explain how the relevance aspect works please ?Next question - is it possible to get the nfa change to a 'no crime' by writing to the chief Constable and requesting it so that there isn't anything on file to disclose.Just to inform you the detective told my son that the toxicology report, the witnesses and cctv from the restaurant , nightclub and hotel all showed no evidence that she was at all drunk. The case didn't go to the CPS and 2 of the witnesses said the police revealed indirectly at witness interview that they knew the alleged victim was lying.Thanking you for your advise Alex
Hello and thanks for asking for me.It's discretionary, the Police can say on an enhanced check if there is any other information.However given the IP was lying it's very unlikely to be disclosed, so I really wouldn't worry.Alex
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When would be good to speak Colette?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Alex W - can speak now if you can. Colette