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I made a payment of £6000 to a "seller" on eBay Motorhome.

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I made a payment of £6000 to a "seller" on eBay for a Motorhome. I was advised on a live chat that my money would be safe until I decided to go ahead with the purchase as I had arranged to view the vehicle tomorrow 20 March. I then spoke to an insurance company for cover to drive the vehicle back home if we bought it and it was then I was told that several people had been given quotes for this same vehicle and believe it was a scam. I went to my bank who have now informed a fraud team to investigate but won't get back to me until Monday - they recognise the account as TSB and are going to contact that bank. In the meantime I am at a loss as to what to do next. I feel utterly embarrassed/stupid and totally helpless in what to do next? Would it be best to speak to police? Sometimes they are not interested in this type of thing?
Surely you paid through paypal?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I though it was papal the seller sent me an email with an invoice supposedly through PayPal and I then went onto what I thought was a eBay live chat (it certainly looked as if it was eBay) and asked specifically about the sale and it came up with all the correct details of the purchase On the site I then asked if this money was paid would it be safe until I decided to purchase and the lady replied yes completely. I will say this is my first time using eBay and will certainly be my last!
I see. They have re created a scam account.It is possible of course that it was a proper paypal transaction in which case it would be protected.Proceeding on the basis that this is a scam though you have various options.Yes, you should make a report to the police. There is absolutely no excuse for them to refuse to investigate this. This is proper crime. If they are too busy investigating false allegations against dead people that are supposed to have happened one hundred years ago and mediating domestic squabbles to deal with proper crime then that is deplorable. It is about time proper victims stopped playing second fiddle to professional victims.
The bank might well also claw back the amount. It depends whether their security measures failed or whether there was just a scam. If they were able to identify the account number then that would tend to suggest their measures failed.
You could also seek to recover from the account holder. If it has been traced then it has been traced so should be possible.Can I clarify anything for you?Jo
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Checked my PayPal and hasn't gone there. I have been speaking to him on mobile and email so do you think I should try to contact him again although can't see that doing any good although he is unaware that I know it is a scam as I haven't contacted him since?
I am very sorry but I'm unable to continue because you have asked for a refund.All the best.