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Ash, Solicitor
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Dear Solicitor, I live in private flat on my one,floor down

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Dear Solicitor,
I live in private flat on my one,floor down lived Asian couple,and lady begin make complaints after two weeks I move in,leeks,noise and...although never called police because ain't any.After some time they left,and eastern Europeans moved in.I understand it's was planted,too make my life he'll,and make me move out.Not long after new tenants find reason make me enemy,accused some delivery stolen,and make my life no life!ounce received letter from management company about leak,although it's wasn't.I went too ofise talk about leeks and wishing have support and advice,because neighbours using some tools too make vibrating floor and some heating lamps make very hot,and smell was burned dust,I only manage sleep 2,3 hours at nights.I explained everything,she's feeling sorry,but can't help,after I left she called owner off flat I make complaint,after noise from some tools disappear,hide smell began using shampoos,and pretending nobody lives anymore.After not long with management services letting me down,I can't trust no one,because began understanding problems caused previously lived couple's sun,he's building company manager,and using all tricks make my life he'll,and tenants he simply getting from sites he managing,it's not stopping 24/7,and its hard prove,if I have visitor they simply stops,and its normal life!I tried explain my friends but with no luck,and faces feeling sorry for me,and thinking its my imagination,and keeping all too myself its weary hard.One day my slippers stick too tiles glue cam up from under tile,and wooden floor deforms,this hot,was little existed because can show proof,not imagination!called 101for help and advice,because needed cache in property and see what tools using and evidence because wanted giving statement too police,after hearing about heat advised call British gas get access into property!was shocked,because I now if they seems some one just simple walk away,and never have proof!and what next?disappear?I want give statement,but scare call local organizations because maybe he's now everyone into area?he's find out before I finish?Sorry long story,this my life for last five months,nobody believes and I scare tell after broken trust.What best way too start?I need solicitor for give statement?maybe he's supervises police cache theme in action?and make sure all evidence collected?I don't have clue ,but can't live like that.People so cold?they came torching for money,like normal shifts,and go home,don't think?money only!please understand,it's not sick imagination,its reality!
Slow killing?any chance I have too proved manager using labour,and friendships destroy my life?police take me seriously?so many questions?it's serious crime?please, little advice for me its big hope.thank you for understanding.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.What is it you would like to know about this and want to achieve please?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
hi,and sorry little bit late response!I like too talk about my issue,can you email time please,and I go outside and wait for call and were talk?pleas.07823779030 thanks.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
can we talk one phone pleas?
Would tonight be ok?Alex
I just tried and it went to voicemail
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
sorry my foul,apology,miss call,if u can call please.sorry.thanks.
Calling now. Alex