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I have had a smas face lift, lip augmentation, and fat

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I have had a smas face lift, lip augmentation, and fat injections under my eyes 6 weeks ago.The face lift has left me with a damaged nerve, which means I now have a frozen eyebrow. This has resulted in my eyes looking different from each other. The surgeon has said this may come back, but it may be permanent
Incisions where made under my nose for my lip augmentation. The cuts where made at different places at different angles making one nostril looking lower than the other, my nose now looks loped sided. My ears are also completely different from each other one lob is much bigger than the other one and they look like they are at different levels at the lob. the stitching was taken out too soon resulting in puckering, and looking very strange compared to the other ear.The surgeon has said he can do corrective surgery. I also have puckering on my temple area. My eyes are still swollen. the surgeon has said this could take three months to settle despite telling me at the consultation it would defiantly not leave me with bags.
I had no pre op. checking blood pressure before operation. was just asked to sign a form, minutes before going in to the operating theatre. was not given instructions on the medication leaving the clinic.
phoned on numerous times to speak with doctor, to be told to be patient and wait.Do you think I could make a negligence claim against this doctor and the clinic? I am not keen to go back for him to fix things incase he makes more mistakes on me. I would have to pay another surgeon for corrective surgery and this has left me feeling totally despaired.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
i had the operation in Glasgow scotland
It sounds like you have been very badly dealt with. What you have to do is see a solicitor straight away. The solicitor has to do two things: firstly he has to get a copy of your records from the first surgeon. Then he has to have to you seen by another expert in the same field. That expert will be able to say whether the operation you had done was done negligently and whether any other competent surgeon is likely to have achieved the same result. Depending on the expert report will depend whether you have a claim or not. Happy to discuss further. I hope that helps. Please leave a positive rating so that I am credited for my time.
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