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There i have a good friend who ha spayed taxes years

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hi there i have a good friend who ha spayed taxes for 32 years of his working life but recently had a stroke and was made unemployed.He then attended an assesment interview with the DWP who listened to not one thing he had to tell them and then received a letter in post saying he was fit for group related work activity.He has been diagnosed partially blind and is at a very low point due to this discition of DWP. He has asked me to get intouch with reporters but i'm mailing to see if he has a legal leg to stand on here first as i tryed explaining to him taking on the government claiming theyv'e breached ur human rights isn't going to be easy
Are you asking if he can appeal?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
i'm asking wats the best route to go down he must b able to appeal
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
he was told by the cardiac surgeon that the best thing he could do is to do 20mins exercise a day and to take it easy and keep stress level to a minimum to they find out what was going on and how the stroke was caused.but DWP took no notice of this and basically said no you look ok your fit to work
Yes, I think they are saying that if he is capable of doing that then that is not consistent with his application. The advice he received is a non issue. If he can physically do it then that is a point of issue.He can ask them to reconsider and then appeal their decision to the Tribunal. I'm not sure what his application was for. I suppose DLA. If so, that wouldn't necessarily be engaged by blindness and relative immobility consequent upon a stroke. Some strokes are very serious and some are less serious.He wil get ESA. They won't have been assessing him for that.Can I clarify anything for you?Jo
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