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My husband lost personal property (art work) which went missing

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My husband lost personal property (art work) which went missing when the owner of a storage unit he rented, entered the unit and removed the property some of which is lost. Do we have a case? He is quite an admired artist for many years.
how did it come to go missing?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Summary of issue:Summary of eventsMy husband (Adrian) hired a storage unit at***** Brighton
Adrian paid by DD every month for the unit (£88 pm)
On 29/12/15 Adrian sent a letter giving one months termination notice to the owner of the unit (RW) which prompted a letter from RW that informed Adrian that the storage unit no longer exists and that the contents had been removed to a.n.o. place – no details given as to new storage address.
This was done without contact with Adrian and no notice was given prior RW forcing entry into the unit and removing all Adrian’s personal possessions.
RW stated that he had no knowledge of how to contact Adrian which is disputed due to the texts between Adrian and RW and can be verified by the texts set out below
On 23/1/16 Adrian arranged a van to collect his property from the garage of RW and moved the contents to a new storage unit he had arranged in Lancing.
On placing his property into the new storage unit, Adrian noticed that some of his canvas and original art-work paintings were missing.
On 27/1/16 Adrian wrote to RW asking about the missing property
On 29/2/16 Adrian again wrote to RW asking for a response to his previous letter regarding his property.
We have never had a reply to the letters.Texts between Adrian & RWHard copy of text communication between RW and myself (Adrian ) via my mobile telephone number: ***********
Received: Date: 16/01/2015
Important, please note new bank account details for rent payments.
Sort code 60-19-17
Account No: 27112276
Nat West
Please make sure you update your records as the old details are now invalid.
Please confirm receipt of this text.
Thank You.
Date: 16/01/2015
Received new acc. no. today.
AdrianNew text to RW: Date: 07.01.16
Hi Russell, I got your letter, can you give me the address of the new storage unit please.
AdrianDate: 08.01.16
Hi Russell, before you go on holiday, can you give me the address of where my property is stored so I can arrange a van to collect.
AdrianDate: 08.01.16
Hi, yes, it’s***** Lancing bn15 8IN
Date: 08.01.16
Hi Adrian, Thank you for your letter. The 18th should be ok. Can you give me a ring on the morning of the 18th and we can arrange a time
Date: 17.01.16
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Have you received the above response to your question or should I re-send
Thanks. I think it exceeds the word limit.Could you just give me a summary and I can ask any follow up questions that are relevant?
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