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Is telling HMRC, DWP that a payment has been released to an

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Is telling HMRC, DWP that a payment has been released to an employee when it has not,8 wks after employee left the employer and 6 wks after the employer has notified HMRC,DWP that payment said to to have been released 5TH Feb 2016 a fraudulent statement that the former employee(me) can pursue through local police?I have followed CAB advice,but the employer has fraudulently declared payment and disclosed such documents to HMRC AND DWP.the pay still owed to me is only �400.00 but it is my money and if I do not work, I do not get a wage.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The employers run their businesses from Partney Garden center wage would come from countryside plants ltd partney Lincolnshire
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.In short the employer has said there has been a payment where there has not been, is that correct?Alex
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Alex W
Yes that's right.the employer has told HMRC that a payment has been released 5TH Feb 2016, to me.I have not received my P45 either after a formal written request wad made by myself.
Ok, can you pursue this through the Police - no.This is a civil dispute and not a criminal matter. It may be that you can sue your employer for loss and damage. So if your employer has been negligent and made a negligent statement which has caused you loss, you can sue for that.But this is not a Police matter, but civil.Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?Alex
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thankyou for your advice Alex.
Could you tell me approx cost of using a law firm,as wages are low and I do not have any other income? And yes the employer not having paid me my wages left myself not even with a slice of bread,they rudely said to me "where are you from you don't sound very English" I had to explain to them from what county in England my family is from, a total lot of insults.and they have had someone on Facebook quote issues with them regarding non payment to their child.
You need to write and set out your losses and request compensation of those losses within 14 days or say you will go to Court within 14 days. You should make sure you send this signed delivery and keep a copy.If they do not compensate you then you can issue proceedings in the County Court. You can either do this online at: or by completing form N1 and take it to your local County Court.The Court will then issue a claim which a copy will be sent to the Defendant who will have a limited time to defend it, if not you can enter Judgment and enforce.If the claim is for £10,000 or less it will be a small claim so you will not need legal representation. Over this value you would need representation for trial.
Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?Alex
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Alex
Well it's only £400.00 wages waiting inconvenience,deprivation,dealing with the employers untruths,the employers attempt to defamation of my character with organisations such as Hmrc Which am pleased to add failed :) who could I appoint as my court support as the employer is a character that could twist and manipulate the situation.
Alex you advice has been very helpful and the links you attached to the last guidelines I shall find very helpful and interesting.
Defamation is High Court only proceedings and is likely to cost you circa £15,000 to take to Court. So I would not worry about that.But what you are claiming is a small claim and as such a County Court Judge can decide that and you dont need legal representation.
Can I clarify anything else for you?Alex
Ash and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello Alex W
After visiting CAB today after work.I was disappointed by greeted by a an overlooked appointment for me given to another issue,the advisor looked disgusted to realise the knowledge that I'd foundout.form N1is currently being written out by myself(did not trust cab as have noted to the advisor that the previous employer has lincs to epiphany rotary club)his attitude altered on that admission of knowledge that was blatantly branded amongst workers as if trying to impress,all except this does not impress me. I am struggling with pieces of the N1 form. ie: not sure of proper ,legitimate name of employer as garden center has recently in the past several to few years altered name.Was prev Longmates Garden etc,now just Partney Garden probably won't realise the deceipt I have dealt with but I shall want propper professional guidance
Thankyou Alex W
I would be happy to help but if I could invite you to start a new question. If you put it for Alex I can assist you. Thanks in advance.