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Last year (2015) my son in law surprised me by putting a set

Customer Question

last year (2015) my son in law surprised me by putting a set of gates up for me across my drive as I had been having problems with children in the area coming onto my drive and damaging my car , also I have a disabled grandson who has no conception of danger and just runs off when he gets a chance these provide a barrier to help me, unfortunately my son-in-law put the gate post on my neighbours wall, we have sinced removed it and repaired the wall to my neighbours satisfaction, and the gate post was put on my block paving , unfortunately the post has not worked out and now needs to be put into the ground, my neighbour will not allow me to use 6cm of my drive as she claims that is part of her boundry, can I put a gate post on my land as long as I leave her the 6cm between the post and her supposed boundry line, as I need to do repairs, also I have the gates opening outwards as a safety issue so when I remove my car from the drive pedestrians cannot be harmed by a moving vehicle,apparantly I am not allowed to have them like this and have been asked by kent county council to change them,i am in the process of trying to get someone to help me do the work, as I don't want my son-in-law to do it as I am trying not to cause any more bad feeling, my neighbour seems to think that as she has lived in the property since the early 1970's she has a right to tell me what ican and can't do with my property, she has even suggested I move to stop any further complaints from her . I am at my wits end all I want to do is make my property safe and secure for my family members and myself, please could you advise if and what I can do
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 1 year ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.For now please let me know why they wont allow it across the whole land, if you give access?