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I own a bar and we have forgotten to submit a temp event

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hi i own a bar and we have forgotten to submit a temp event notice for this coming sunday. our licence states we need to close to the public at 12 midnight but we want to stay open till 3am which is what would of been the time if we remembered to put the temp notice in. I have been reading and have discovered that if we hold a private function and don't sell alcohol. So we was thinking that if we sell raffle tickets for a prize at a cost of £10 and give away a free wristband which entitles them to drink for free. Would we be breaking any law.
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The Licensing Act covers sale and supply so even on a temp event if you are serving alcohol you do need a TEN and there is no way round this I'm afraid. Sorry to bear bad news.
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
I have had a meeting with the council and the licencing police today and they have said i can stay open but i must not sell alcohol but i'm allowed to give it away they have said. The only thing i need to get around is a way of charging a fee which i have said is to enter a raffle but i need to prove its not going towards funding the evening
I don't agree with the advice you've been given as giving away drink is still a supply for the purposes of the legislation. However, on the basis that they're trying to help you out I assume they have advised in that way. Yes, hold a raffle but don't link it to the bar. Charge £10 a raffle ticket, make it a prize worth, say £100 and you'll minimise any losses. You can also limit the drink by allowing X number of drinks per person after your licence runs out.