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What can my daughter do, to keep an man from hassling

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What can my daughter do, to keep an idiot man from hassling her about property /fence lines? The property has been surveyed at his request,( and my daughter had to pay the bill ,)????? why?who knows! The surveyor found out that my daughter owns 2&1/2 feet on what this man wants to be he's land. He thinks that the surveyor Is lying to him. He has had all construction stopped on my daughters house. My daughter's other house burned 6 months ago. She is a single mom raising 5 children and a grand baby.She just wants to get her home built. Please help her! OH,BY THE WAY THE PAIN IN THE BUTT OF A MAN DOES NOT OWN THE THE LAND HE FARMS -HE LEASES IT. Thank you, ***** ********@******.***
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.Just to be clear, she had a survey and found that the fence is on HER land? Or the fence is on the neighbours land?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am so sorry that I can't talk on the phone. The flu is really bad in utah right now, and I have no voice right now as I am one of its casualties.
The fence line is on my daughters property. The man who is harassing her refuses to believe what the surveyor found. Now he is insisting that my daughter pay for a deed survey. We are concerned about my daughter, the man keeps posturing in front of her. I also think that he is stalking her. Help us to know what to do. All my daughter wants to do is get her and her 5 children, and grand baby into there new home.Please help the whole family. Thank you, K.J.
When would be good to talk? Alex