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My neighbours watch my children's every move. They watch them

Customer Question

My neighbours watch my children's every move. They watch them coming and going from our home, even if it's just to our bins in the garden. They watch when a taxi pulls up at my house to see who gets in or out of it. They have made accusations over my dogs welfare and my children's welfare to my children's school who in turn had to forward everything they said to social services. Although a number of things were clearly incorrect they were reporting things that only someone who would have been literally up close and spying through my windows would know. I don't have people in my home other than my kids grandmother. Should I be concerned at how much attention is being paid to my family? As I personally see this as inappropriate. Even when at the local shop my kids are being watched by them.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Michael Holly replied 1 year ago.
To a certain extent this is "nosy neighbour" syndrome. Every road seems to have at least one resident whose primary interest in life is spying on their neighbours.There is no right to privacy in the UK, partly because we are a small island and it is simply not practical.However we do have laws against harassment and, depending on the degree of intrusion, this could become harassment. Harassment is a criminal offence and you can also obtain an injunction in the civil law courts to prevent it.Best wishesMichael