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My freeholder is holding us to ransom eg £100 this week for

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My freeholder is holding us to ransom eg £100 this week for one photocopy etc. we think we know who he is but how can we get proof that it is him? he and his wife bought the company off the shelf in 1983 and changed the Memorandums of Assocition Articles of Assoc etc to hide their names. This was done on the same day. the company is Doralord Ltd No 01717437 set up 24 may 1983. The property is Little Tea Gardens lower sea lane, charmouth Dt6 6lr. Their names are***** and his wife Linda Carol of flat 9 little tea gardens - this is also registered address of Doralord. he has caused ourselves and some other residents so many petty and major problems. hecalls himself property manager and demands money but will not give invoices or receipts, can you help? We would like to be able to at least stop him saying he has consulted Doralord about things and then making decisio s hi self. sorry this is so long... best wishes, Mary **********
I have checked with Companies House for you and Mr Stacey is a Director of the company . A Susan Swain is the company secretary and co director.There are several listed who state that they are retired as an occupation but have not resigned as directors so it is difficult to tell whether these others have active involvement in the company.Over the years several members of the Stacey family have been directors and the impression given is that this is a family business.If you require any further information please replyBest wishesMichael
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thank you for your email. I am sorry if I was unclear, but I just need to know who actually owns Doralord. All residents are directors of Doralord having £1 share when buying the property. Robert John Stacey and his wife, Linda Carol Stacey say they 'have to talk to Doralord' about decisions. Their address is the registered address of Doralord Ltd. The freeholder has hidden his name. We are fairly he IS Doralord/the freeholder but he will not admit this. It would not matter if he wasn't ripping us off and demanding money for things that are, amd should be, coming out of the money we pay for maintenance. (£575 pa) plus ground rent of £25. We would like to challenge some of his demands, but he just says, 'it is Doralord and I will talk to them....'. please can help us to get proof of the identity of the freeholder? thank you, mary (ehrenfried)
You can find out the freeholder by getting a copy of the title from the Land Registry. A local solicitor's firm that does conveyancing should be able to get them for you at a reasonable price..The residents will not be Directors they will be shareholders but will only one share each not enough shares to affect how the company is run.Michael
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
have been told freeholder is listed as Doralord Ltd so we can never get past this blockage. we really need his identity. Thank you for your info re the residents' committee being called Diirectors of Doralord. This also obfuscates the set up! Is there a way of getting past the secrecy and finding the truth about his identy Feel we are going round in circles. Any help would be most appreciated. best wishes mary. (ehrenfried)
OK, a company is owned by it's shareholders but it is common for a company to have 100/200 shares.As residents you have a small number each, not enough to do anythingThe directors here will be shareholders , this is a family run firm.Mr Stacey may or not be the "estate manager" but he is the person to complain to and cannot pretend he has no influence over the owners - he is one!Michael
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your reply. Is there some way I can obtain proof of this? When challenged he will not admit it and just says he has to consult Doralord Ltd. He says this to residents committe members, who are known as Directors. They are not related to him and, as you said, are mostly retired elderly people - including the present Company Secretary, Susan Swain. We all hold one share va.ued at £1. We have proof of financial mismanagement, and actual fraud, but we need proof that he and his wife ARE Doralord in order to start dealing with him. He is like an eel He has a couple of residents who support him as he does the occasional odd job, like changing a bathroom light bulb. This is helpful to the elderly and he takes advantage of them. Please let us know if it is possible to prove this in writing. Thank you again. best wishes Mary (ehrenfried)
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello, just been asked to rate the service. I can see you have done a lot of work, but My question was specifically to find out if we could obtain evidence that mr and mrs stacey are Doralord. if this is not possible, can you let me know? I am sorry for any inconvenience. regards, Mary
Dear *****Sorry, I did not explain it so well. Mr Stacey is a Director of Doralord so , yes , he is Doralord.Certain information about companies , such as the names of the company officers including the Directors can be obtained free on the internet.If you put in your search engine , google etc, companies search it should come up. The put in the company name or number or the name of the person you suspect to be a director and it will do the search for you. You can also print the result.Best regardsMichael
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Dear *****, thank you for yout reply.I tried over and over again to do as you suggested - using everything that came up on google, including Due Diligencd. I know he calls himself a Director, ad he does with all the Residents on the management committee. As you say they are probably not Directors as such, but this obfuscates the issue. He will admit to being a director of Doralord, but will not admit he bought the freehold. The papers at Companies House have been changed to hide his name and we cannot get beyond this, no matter what we do... So, is there any way to prove he a d his wife bought the freehold? I am willing to pay further reasonable fees to get this in writing. If you manage to get that in writing, could you send that to me at 6' Little Tea Gardens, Lower Sea Lane, Charmouth DT6 6LR? If this is impossible, just let me know. many thanks, Mary (Ehrenfried)