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I have a question about Copyright. My late Father as the managing

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I have a question about Copyright. My late Father as the managing director of Jacey Cinemas Ltd. published a book 'In Search of Netsuke & Inro' ISBN 9780950410500. This publication was published by the Jacey Group of Companies in 1974.
The Company no longer exists, but I was a director too and when my Father passed away his will left everything he owned to me and my sister. So I believe I and my sister now own the copyright.
My question now is that having made this (out of print) publication available for a fee from my website I have discovered that another company is offering my Father's book as a PDF to download. Is there anything I can do about this and at what legal cost?
The site is advertised as
I am currently in Spain and no longer live in the UK. I hope for some guidance.
My email address is***@******.***
Who actually wrote the book?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My Late Father George Cohen
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I did not get an email to let me know about any response. Please email me at***@******.*** to let me know when an answer or response is added. Thanks.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Playster Support Supervisor (Playster)Mar 29, 13:19WITHOUT PREJUDICEDear *****,We acknowledge receipt of your complaint and we hereby confirm that does not host the copyrighted material 'In Search Of Netsuke & Inro'.We do not own or control the website you referred to in your complaint: times third party advertising sites may refer to copyrighted material in their ads, but because we don’t own or control these sites the only solution is to file a DMCA takedown request with the site owner. We have sent, on your behalf, a formal DMCA request to an advertising network that we use, and if we do not hear back from them within 24 hours we will block this site from advertising our products.Copyright protection is extremely important to us, and we can assure you that protected content hosted on our site has been duly paid for in accordance with license contracts we signed with each of our content providers.This letter does not constitute an admission on the merit of the claims made in your complaint.Very truly yours,
JohnMar 29, 02:58I am automatically informed by Google of any reference to certain topics and I was informed about 'In Search of Netsuke and Inro' being available as a free PDF from Playster. The page link was as below and I note that this page has now been changed, but below is a copy of the text I have from this page.I do not understand how you can claim that you have not been providing this PDF, when you showed the number of downloads and a list of lots of comments from satisfied readers.Please explain by return.Yours sincerelyJohn N Cohen
In Search Of Netsuke & InroDownloads: 2048Published: 1 month agoRating: Rated: 5 times Rate It*
To download this book in PDF from Playster click on the next - In Search of Netsuke & Netsuke ?
0034 91(###) ###-####
25th March 18:44 - 95 Comments!Playster S
Playster Support Supervisor (Playster)Mar 28, 16:22Dear *****,I can confirm that we are not providing the title you've mentioned to our members.All of our content is licensed, and copyright protection is extremely important to us. If you've seen something online which you believe constitutes an infringement, please provide more details (including specific URLs of pages which make reference to your copyrighted material) and we will resolve this for you as a matter of priority.Very truly yours,
Assuming you and your sister inherited the copyright from your late father as part of his estate you would be entitled to take steps to stop others selling the work and also to claim damages. There seems to be an issue as to who is actually breaching the copyright by exposing the work for sale. If it is Playster then your action would be directed at them. The first stage would be to instruct an intellectual property lawyer to issue a cease and desist letter. Happy to discuss further.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you. I have seen now that there are lots of complaints from others about similar copyright issues. But from the email correspondence you will see that they claim it was another website, yet strangely they have now removed everything from that webpage! I can not prove the page was belonging to them. I do not have a copy, but I know it did list Playster as the supplier. I have decided not to go any further with this. Thank you once again I will rate you.