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Michael Holly
Michael Holly, Solicitor
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I just want to know if my Solictor is right on what he said

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I just want to know if my Solictor is right on what he said I had a work related injury six years ago I claimed straight away it's due to be sorted any time now I was made an offer but it was not the best for me as I had operations for a bone fusion they have not awarded anything for pain and suffering or for scaring I told my Solictor it's no good and I would go to court if necessary he says I probably won't be able to as of the cost on the my barrister and if I lost the costs of their barrister also they have offered nothing for loss of earnings thank you kelvin
Dear KelvinIt is next to impossible to advise on the amount of damages you should received without looking at all the papers.Your solicitor is advising you that should you not beat the offer made you will be liable for your legal costs and those of the Defendants. As such your solicitor clearly believes you should accept the offer.You are perfectly correct that you should be compensated for the various elements of your loss , wages , pain suffering and loss of amenity. Often a global offer is made rolling all these things together but I do not know if that is the case here.I would ask your solicitor on what basis they are recommending acceptance. Calculating damages is not an exact science but there are various guides solicitors can and should use such as Kemp and Kemp and the Judicial Studies Guide.I would make an appointment to discuss how the solicitor has calculated the damages and exactly why it is felt to be an offer you should accept.Please come back to me if there are any further points I will be happy to respond.Best regardsMichael
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