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I moved into my private rented flat in 1984.The Landlady at

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I moved into my private rented flat in 1984.The Landlady at the time wanted a fair rent registered , by the time we had a meeting on the fair Rent she had died and the her daughter inherited the House of which my flat is part of.
My Landlady said that my flat and the other were to be on a 5 year lease but the rent officer asked if we had been given a lease and we both said no so he told my Landlady because of this we had security of tenure and was protected and set a fair rent of £28.50, although On the copy of rent register that I have it states 5 year lease, I would assume that is because when she requested the rent that was what she thought . It also states Statutory
a few years later she started to raise the every 6 months until it was £60 per week.
I then went to citizens advice and I was told that she could not do this and in fact I could ask for all the overpayments back.
I spoke to my landlady ad said I would not do this and explained about the fact I could get repayment from but in future she has to go though the proper channels
And for the last 20 or more years I have paid £60 per week or £260 pm
Just last week I had a letter from her stating that she is increasing my rent to £700 per month. I am not sure why she thinks that she can do this
I have been worrying all weekend about this as an extra £440 per month is a lot of money.
I would be grateful if you could advise me if he has any grounds for the fair rent registration to be cancelled or should I write back to her refusing the new rent and advising her that she must go back to the Fair rents Office in order for my rent to be raised by their formula.
Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 year experience. I will try to answer this for you. Assuming (as seems highly likely) that you are a protected tenant she has absolutely no right to do this. You should refuse to pay the new rent and carry on paying the current rent. If she wants to force he issue she then needs to start possession proceedings which will almost certainly fail.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your help, this is a weight off my mind
Hello Sandra, I would be grateful if you would please rate my answer as |I will not get credited fro helping you if you do not do so.
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