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Ben Jones
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HiI need some advise. So basically I have been working

Customer Question

I need some advise.
So basically I have been working for a company and there was a back log of work to catch up on from over a year ago. When I started I had little training or help and had to find my own way. I did this, however I have never been able to catch up in the workload as I work this role alone and I am the only person in that department.
During my time there I have had to cope with work overload, being treated like crap everyday not just when the boss has an off day, plus the additional crap that goes on in general. (PS every one is treated like this bar the staff that are family members).
Bar all this I kept trying to make it work, I have tried conflict resolution and everything. However, recently a close family member of mine became very sick so naturally at first I was upset. I have continued to work through it and just carry on with my working day though.
However, this on top of the poor working environment eventually lead to my resignation. I did however offer to work my notice for as long as required and train the new person up until a suitable replacement was found.
Despite me being co-operative it still clearly did not make a difference.
What has really got my goat is the fact that when I gave my resignation I was told by HR that her dad had died of the same condition and I worked through it. Plus she was was really angry at me for mentioning the current situation with my family member as a reason for leaving. The comment was not needed and it was in response to me saying I did not wish to retract my notice as the management style of operating your work force with fear and abuse on a daily basis was not for me, plus with the current situation with my family member it is the last thing I needed.
On Thursday this week the day after I handed in my notice I had an emergency and had to leave the house at 1:30 in the morning to go to the hospital. I emailed HR and the MD to let them know I would not be in. I then received an email from HR telling I had not reported my absence through the right channels and that it should not need to be stated I need to do this.
I responded saying that I was not thinking straight which given the situation, to me is understandable. I then had a response saying that "not thinking straight is not an acceptable excuse". I did not respond after this response.
My question to everyone is is this acceptable work practice? Do you think they have crossed the line?
Thank you
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 1 year ago.
Hello how long have you worked there for?