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I live in Scotland. Local Tesco threatened to ban my terminal

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I live in Scotland. Local Tesco threatened to ban my terminal my father if he had another 'accident' in the disabled toilets (he had bowel urgency problems). When I complained we (my father and I) were subjected to a 2 hour disciplinary - though I have never worked for Tesco, Wick
I am trying to take them to court, but so far I haven't found a lawyer trained in this field who does no win no fee
Are you able to help, please?
What is the nature of the case you intend to take against Tesco and when was the incident?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I spoke to the Equality Discrimination helpline and they advised:
:it believed my father was harassed under the Equality Act 2010
:could possibly be argue Disability harassment
: discrimination arising from a disability
: discriminating unfavourably as a consequence of my father's disability
:actions not appropriateIn regards ***** ***** complaint
: discrimination by association
: treated less favourablyOut of time case
See if the court will accept my mitigating circumstances
:grief from the death of my father
:had an emotional breakdown
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The incidents took place May 2013
and January 2014My father passed away 7/8/14Tesco's solicitors were advised of this, but even though I it was I bring the complaints to them and my solicitor's letter advised of this they never responded
As your father has passed away there is technically no party to pursue the case. His executor could do so but that is unlikely to be financially viable. The estate would have to fund any litigation and that is unlikely to be a good use of funds. The first incident is almost time barred and the reasons narrated by you would not allow a court to waive that time bar; it is very strict. i could not advise you to proceed with this case via litigation, I'm afraid.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Is there anything I can do in relation to the way Tesco's managers treated my father and I, please?
Unfortunately, given that your father has now passed on I do not recommend that you proceed further with this. You will not get legal aid and would have to fund any action yourself. The quantification of the claim would make it uneconomic. At most you can write a complaint to the managing director of the company.
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