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My partner bought the land on which our house stands in the

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My partner bought the land on which our house stands in the 1970’s. He subsequently bought the neighbouring land about 12 years ago. According to the deeds registered he owns both sides of the stream running through the property up to a wall some 10’ from the stream which marks the boundary. The land the other side of the stream has recently been sold and the new owner is claiming the land including half the stream. We don’t want this to turn into a battle and a lawsuit but he is putting the onus on us to prove it is our land and will not accept the title deeds
1. Dear Philippa, in England & Wales, the title deeds from the Land Registry are supreme. This means that there is no ownership to any land unless the title deeds state there is. Accordingly, if your Title Deeds state that you own this land up to the wall some 10' from the stream, then this governs and this new buyer who states otherwise has no case. Accordingly, I would suggest you simply get a solicitor and formally write to this interloper and inform him that this is your land and the deeds state as much. Inform him that if he trespasses, you will inform the police and have the criminal law deal with him. Ultimately, this man has no case. Only a hard neck. So you simply have to see him off and make clear to him what the law is and where you stand. There is no such thing as not accepting the title deeds.
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