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I wonder if you could give me some advice. My late husband

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Hi, I wonder if you could give me some advice. My late husband died last year and I inherited his pension. I recieved a lump sum and a monthly allowance. In his will he stated that he wanted to leave a special gift to six named people. The will is written badly and does not say where this money is to come from. It does state an exact amount, which was the amount he would have recieved from his retirement lump sum, but he never recieved this money as he died before he retired. Two of the named people are wanting this money t come out of his estate. Therefore they would be taking money off his 15 year old son as the estate went to him. It is now being suggested that I pay them some money out of the pension lump sum that I recieved. If we take this through solicitors it will cost a fortune and we dont know what to do? Any advice you could give me please.
Many thanks
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Can you please attach a copy of the will? How much money is in the estate and how much is the total of these 6 gifts?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your response. My scanner isn't working and I have no way of attaching a copy of it unless, I type what it says. I don't know how much money is in the estate, the executor has this detail. The total amount of the gift for the six people is £143,356.98 to be divided equally.
A close guess of the total value of the estate would be sufficient.I don’t need all the wording of the will, just the part about the gifts and the residue to the son.Is there any mention of the money which was to come from retirement?Was the will done by a solicitor?
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