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I have just been walking on a patch of land in Tamworth, which

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I have just been walking on a patch of land in Tamworth, which surrounds a crop field, with my livestock and my dogs are under my full control. I have walked there for 3 years with no problem, and having looked prior to today on an ordance map, I saw that a trck ran along side this field from public road to public road, and where I was walking, adjacent to this track, on the map were black dots marking a path. A chap..I presume to be the landowner although I don't know as he never gave me his name, ran the full legnth of the field towards me. I was alerted to him coming by one of my dogs barking. I immediately put my dogs on the lead, and being a 48 year old woman who has just had back surgery and my dogs are quite noticible weimaraner and german shorthaired pointers, very expensive to buy and also very stealable, I was frightened and walked back to my car. The individual said I had no right on there, but there are no signs stating this, I told him not to appraoch me or my dogs as I was quite frankly scared of him. He continued to encroach my space, so I tod him I would video him. I also told him I was under the impression that the part of the field I was on was infact a public footpath, to which he demanded to see the map that I had been using...I told him to not follow me, but he continued to do so through a space next to the field gate, onto another path where my car was parked, again very intimidating. I didn't know who he was or if he was trying to steal my dos, as at one point he said that they were very nice dogs, but then told me that if he could not approach me then I should have them muzzled...bearing in mind I have no clue as to who this person is. He followed me to where my car was parked and stood behind me while I put my dogs away in the boot before walking off. I now appreciate that he may have purchased the field, but their are no signs up, can he aggressivly intimidate me like that when I have left willingly and without rancour?
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.Have you reported this to the Police at all please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No I didn't I am an x PC he didn't for want of a better way go for me, but then I had 4 gundogs' with me. How ever I did feel threatened by him but my question I suppose is can he threaten me like he did bearing in mind that I thought I was on a public footpath. I have since looked at the ordinance survey map and it shows were I was to be on black dots, which means I think the land owner can stop access if it hasn't been used for 20 has, and puts a sign up, he hasn't. Looking back to my police service, he made me in fear on his private land, which is what I would dispute and who has any knowledge of this?
He can't intimidate you like that - an offence may have been committed. In any event he cant demand that your dogs are muzzled. Some people are just very nasty.However if it is his land, he can stop you from using it - but you would have thought it would have had signs on saying private.If you want to check whether it is you can approach the Land Registry who can tell you. They can see whether it is registered and who to.Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?Alex
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