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I'm AJ, My query is in regards ***** ***** shared

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I'm AJ, My query is in regards ***** ***** shared by me and ex girlfriend. The agreement has both me and my ex gf for a contract period of 6 months + 1 month notice = 7 months starting from 24th October 2015.
I have till date paid exactly half of the rent and fulfilled my obligation.
I left the property in less than 2 months of staying in the property (around 20th December 2015) due to relationship breakdown. Since then my ex has not paid the rent.
she still stays in the property with her 2 kids. The landlord served eviction notice for non payment of rent. I also sent a letter to the landlord informing them of the fact that I stopped staying in the property and that I'm not liable to any damages to the property and that my name should be taken of the agreement.
However, the landlord has now directed the solicitors to chase me for the dues and the solicitors in turn have asked me to pay the balance rent or face the risk of CCJ.
Please advice.
Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to answer this for you. Usually in a joint tenancy both tenants are responsible for the whole rent (joint and several liability), ie it is for each tenant to ensure that the rent is paid in full each month. If she refuses to pay you are responsible fro the whole rent. You might well have a claim against her for the money you have paid over 50% for the rent assuming that 50:50 was your agreement when you moved in there together. I am afraid that your landlord is probably within his rights to come after you for all the rent owed. Are you sure your tenancy is for 7 months? Normally with a 6 month tenancy the notice period can run within the 6 months period. You might want to re-check your tenancy to see if that is right. I know this is not what you were hoping to hear but I have to give you the right answer and not raise false hopes.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for your response. That's the response I got from the posts which I followed in google. However, I'm wondering how I can claim the money from her? I'm not very well versed with the British legal system as I'm an Indian. So, I have no idea on how to recover this money from my ex. The only agreement with her is a letter in which she wrote me that we have to share all the rent 50%.
Also, how do I know that the landlord / solicitor gets paid by both?