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I wrote an email yesterday to Jenny concerning the issue of

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I wrote an email yesterday to Jenny concerning the issue of trans gender women at a women's music festival, she sent the answer I expected but it was good to get it in black and white. Today I have received an email from a woman who is part of a radical feminist group who want us to ban trans gender women from the festival. This happened in August last year, I was told about it at the time but the woman concerned was not particularly concerned about the incident at the time and mentioned it in passing. Unfortunately this email is aimed at putting the Trustees on the spot. Please can you advise us.Dear WIT Trustees,I wish to make a formal complaint about an incident that occurred at Idle WIT 2015. On the evening of the WIT Auction, I was standing outside the marquee talking to friends. Suddenly, someone came up behind me, grabbed me by the shoulders with both hands and moved me to one side. I was startled and when I turned around, I saw it was Michelle Biden, a male-to-trans individual, who had invaded my bodily integrity, especially approaching me from behind. I was very upset at the time, I felt Biden had touched me without my permission. As a survivor of male violence, i.e childhood sexual abuse, this incident triggered and continues to cause me severe trauma and distress.In addition, Biden was seen, by myself and others, on several occasions taking photographs/filming of women and appeared to be uploading them. Biden was challenged by some women to stop photographing women without their permission. Again, this was a very distressing and left me feeling very unsafe.I feel violated and very concerned about the possibility of Biden attending WIT again this year and do not feel safe in case this happens again. I feel this incident has left me traumatised and I would like the WIT trustees to take action to keep myself and other women safe during the Festival.Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
In sisterhood
Sabine Ingeborg
Hello it's Jenny have you just received this email?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes I have sent today.
hi i'm a bit puzzled are you the person complaining or the trustee?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
As trustees of the charity we have been sent this email from a woman who attended the festival last year. She is complaining about an incident that happened at the festival In August 2015, that was she is saying is an assault by a trans sexual woman. It is a ply to get the trustees to ban this trans sexual woman from the festival in August 2016.
ok sorry for the confusion can you please clarify when this email was received by the charity?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Today at 14.23, it was only sent to some Trustees not everyone.
The timing is interesting, is this the first time you have received a written complaint?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The email was sent to the trustees of this charity from a woman who attended the festival 2015.
Yes is the first written complaint. We have our AGM this Saturday and this is basically make life difficult for us.
it does not override the legal position as I explained it yesterday. I would suggest that you respond to say that as she is alleging potential criminal activity she should raise her complaint with the police . If it turns out her complaint is well founded then the a person can be banned for criminal behaviour but not for the fact that they are a transsexual. I assume that there are rules for attendance that the charity has and there are rules that would ban a person from the festival if they are broken. Any procedure that you have should also be followed. You should point out equally that any false allegations will be treated seriously by the charity. it is not inappropriate to point out your concerns in the delay in raising these serious allegations.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That's fine. Thank you for your reply, I will let the other Trustees know what you have said. Its hard enough to organise a festival without other women making life difficult for us.
I completely sympathise. All the best with this.