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If I am under suspicion of drugs involvement tho completely

innocent as I understand it... Show More
innocent as I understand it for me to get into trouble evidence is required? what would constitute evidence actual drugs itself or anything else?
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It could be anything.Drugs on you. Evidence of dealing on your phone or other devices.
Evidence of you at a drugs factory.
It is not really possible to list exhaustively the ways in which this offence can be committed.
Or more specifically evidentially proven.Obviously very senior drug importers rarely if ever handle the drugs themselves.
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
well certainly for me none of the above are a worry as im innocent but I think I contacted you last time about this issue i dont know if you remember?
I can't see another question against you account?
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
im sorry did you mean as in nothing to question against me or you have not found my previous questions?
I can't see a previous question.
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
ok well following a what may have been considered a suspicious looking encounter with a prostitute in red light area I discovered myself to be being followed everywhere I went. and obviously under suspicio of somethi g serious for which I assumed it could only be down to this. However having learnt more as its unfolded and thanks to your advice and certain abnormalities I have encountered in the time leading up to this night ive workedout it was already happening I the only thing to change was id spotted what was happening they knew I had too because of my confused behaviour on way home. they had no more need to be discreet and were able to recruit the public assistance. thats my view anyway. Later on I was asked to bring some cigarettes back from Ukraine which id done before tho forgot what situation I was in. I live with my parents and did not want my parents to be put thru a raid o the house also I was scared of their reaction not so I changed my mind refused to sell but my friend kept asking questions Bout these cigarettez like he was being guided what to say. After I told him they at the house he stopped asking and kept looking pleased with himself I thought there was going to be a raid could not concentrate on my work with 4hrs still to go I just wanted out! Guess I hoped the raid would happen on arrival at my house. In order to leave I lied about my dad being ill. when I got home tho police helicopter circled for a it no raid! then I started to smoke the cigarettes but az dont smoke quickly realised cant do 200) so after much sitting and waiting I started to think even tho they o ly cigarettes ill still suffer interms of job prospects with a record! and can my boss use the bringing the company into disrepute or anything so I contemplated how to distroy them without being seen. the only way was down toilet for me which was not easy but acheived I know now would have looked very suspicious if someo e watching the house. especially as in circumstances. I did tellwork colleagues about this incident already tho not about the lie for obvious tho I have already worked out the police have no interest in this incident as they clearly dont believe this but cannot as its the truth prove otherwise and can talk about
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
however thats not all in the intervening period whilst I was In Ukraine whilst doing my usual attempting to get with the local ladies one woman I had previously met invited me to her flat late at night where we just innocently drunk cheap ukrainian champagne and talked however she discovered I wasn discouraging the affection of her house mate I think as I had done this met one of her other friends before for I have to say im not proud and far from perfect in that reguard at the end of the night she gave me this knitted toy I think her daughter had made and said this is for you as this is what you are like it was a rabbit!) a forgot about it it stayed in my back pack for months then when I discovered it I thought I might have been set up so ripped it open was just cotton tho I worried what someone would think it waz ripped for!! having seen borde force r tv programs about how people smuggle my mind was working over time so stupidly I destroyed it sameway as cigarettes and it was made obvious to me I was seen doing this and what people thought tho I have never spoke of this incident to anyone! I guess what im asking is if I volenteered to someone else whatt ive just told you would this be sufficient for the cps toprosecute as somekind of destruction of evidence or some kind of evidence of smuggling ? which I must reiterate I have no Involvement in whatsoever and tho inadmissable in court volenterily took Nd passed a lie detecter test on the whole issue but like I say could tht second incident trigger an arrest ? as tho I want to be as honest as I can I do nt want to falsely incriminate myself th kyou for your assistance .
What does this have to do with drug dealing?
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
nothing but the second time I appeared to destroy something in this manor It was like the point everyone decided who they think I am ! as I friends and family id like to put a few people straight. Ok the girl is a red herring but like I asked if I told someone else who may or maynot be wired would the destruction of this item for the reasons I mentioned and what I was thinking be seen as sufficient evidence coupled with the first set of circumstances around the cigarettes be considered as sufficient evidence of any kind of drug offences in court?
I'm really sorry but I'm not sure what you mean?
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
because I am under suspicion of selling drugsyou told me before for this type of offense evidence is required even tho the police and cps wont believe I destroyed only cigarettes this does not matter as they need evidence to prove otherwise yes? I thought when I found this knitted rabbit because I believed everyone thinks im guilty I worried if I had bin set up so I ripped the thing open to find I was just been paranoid! tho then paranoye meant I started thinking people will assume there s a synister reason why its bin ripped open so I destroyed it but again was seen destroying something suspiciously I want to know would a court assume its bin used to smuggle or something which it wasnt!! but would this be evidence if I told someone about this?
I'm really sorry but this doesn't make sense.What evidence?
I notice you have not yet rated a previous answer so I would be grateful if you could do that now.
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
basicly I have done nothing illegal apart from the cigarettes and have said nothing allowing people to assume whatever id like to tell someone about this but do not want to falselyIincriminate myself
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
right you obviously dont see this knitted rabbit as important cant give me a straight yes or no answer if its safe or potentially falsely incriminating so you havent gave me a satisfactory answer. There for I shall just assume its advisable not to mention it! ill rate your previous answer if can find but im not going to rate this one as you havent gave me a straight answer and will be requesting a refund
Sorry but I'm not able to continue in these circumstances. All the best.
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
fair enough ! tho as I said all I wanted was a straight answer to a straight yes no question is it falsely incriminating or not youve not provided one. and for your information what I said was 100 % true so word of advice please leave the fishing to the
fisherman thankyou for very little goodbye
Ok. Good luck.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.I see the expert has opted out - what else would you like to know?Alex
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
pretty much the same as i asked Jo If I reveal what i have written on here as I have done nothing illegal tho couldn have made myself look more guilty of what i believe im under suspicion of if i tried ! If i came clean to someone about what has actually happened as above would i run the wrisk of false incrimination in any way or not?
What is evidence. Evidence is a number of things:1) Circumstantial evidence2) Evidence of drugs in your possession3) Evidence of dealing in terms of mobile phone records, cell site data4) Surveillance - if you have been seen.It would be for the Crown to prove beyond doubt that you were involved. Your defence would be that you didnt do anything and therefore it would be for the Crown to prove beyond doubt.There is no list of items that can be considered, evidence is anything that the Crown seek to use in a prosecution. They would have a list of material which can be disclosed and as such you are entitled to that.Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?Alex
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
ok well thankyou can circumstantial evidence alone be sufficient to convict a person tho? As at best my situation I would suggest could be argues as this at best as I have never physically handeled anything stronger than cannibies and have never in my life purchased or sold either nor have i ever been indirectly involved in anything like this. I am certain i am under surveilance and that everyone knows whats happening and there is a reward for my conviction! In this case how would one ever get a fair trial? Tho Im guessing from what youre saying it would not be in the police's interest to blow their case open on this information as would be all these wrisks to the case?
Yes, circumstantial can be used to convict. But if you are innocent then you have nothing to worry about. I dont know what evidence they may or may not have, but as I have say they would have to prove, beyond doubt you were guilty.Can I clarify anything else for you?Alex
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
I know and I am and I dont have anything too worry about its just if i do tell someone im close to and they are wired i dont want to give myself anything to worry about interms of an arrest for whatever. And as Im innocent I know they dont have any. The only thing that obviously to me that can have started all this was my parking regularly in a red light district and other places and will happily park up some where and sit listening to radio and on phone etc maybe looking suspicious tho i was completely oblivious as was doing nothing wrong. and then when i did realise i was being watched well like i said I worried about things i now know there was no need to. So there no way there can be any other information or evidence asside from what Ive told you about
Yes I understand totally and this should mean you are not guilty. There is nothing else I can say apart from any material the Police may use will be discloseable in advance.Can I clarify anything else for you?Alex
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
in advance ? oh you mean if i was ever arrested which i will reiterate ive never done anything to cause this
Yes indeed. If you were arrested and charged, they would need to disclose all relevant material to your Solicitor.Does that clarify?Alex
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
ok thankyou
Great. If I could ask you to rate my answer before you go today please, otherwise the site doesnt credit me for the time spent with you. Thanks and good luck. Alex