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Jo is it illegal to gain information giving a pseudonym and

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Jo is it illegal to gain information giving a pseudonym and possibly misleading the other party (unintentionally) and them calling another party
Can you explain your situation a little more?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I wanted to find out some general information about how a drug was prescribed in a hospital (hospital A). l because I suspected there was a prescribing error that led to someone's death as the drug was given without pre-meds.
I called the pharmacist for the local cancer network (which sets the protocols for the drug for local trusts) at his place of work,hospital B for further info. I used a pseudonym because I thought by law you cold use any name at any time. I also didn't want, if he discussed it with the network, hospital A to realise I had contacted the network, especially if their was no error. I did not think it likely he would bring it up but you never know, and I was wrong.
In the course of the enquiry the background came out and I think he was rather surprised by the events but he gave me a general understanding of the drug and how it is prescribed, he said hospital A may have not included all pre-meds in their schedules as they did not have to follow the networks scheme. I called him back for further info and his colleagues were a bit funny.
Next thing I know I get message from the pharmacist in hospital A saying call them back to discuss the enquiry. I did to find out how he got involved. I said I just wanted general info from the network and didn't understand why he was involved. He said he received a call from his colleague in hospital B and could tell me what the hospital A's protocols were but he wanted to know more of the background. He seemed to think the patient was still alive and it was in the last few months or years. I didn't correct him. I said I didn't want to discuss it with him or give him patient details it was not up to me, I had just enquired if the drug could be prescribed without pre-meds from the network. He said he would call me back with that info.He called back and left a message saying call the nurse to discuss it. He didn't tell me if the hospitals prescribing schedule included standard pre-meds. I did not call back, as I thought this was blown out of proportion and I had originally called the pharmacist for the network for general info.Have any offences been committed on my part, unintentionally?
What is your connection to either hospital?
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