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I verbally agreed a tariff supply of electricity to

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I verbally agreed a tariff for the supply of electricity to a storage shed I own. This tariff comes under a business arrangement and will not kick in until 8th August .I want to cancel to cancel this arrangement for another Tariff . British Gas say I am legally bound to the verbal agreement, is this correct. Please can you advise?
You are locked into a verbal agreement if indeed one was reached.The distance selling regulations do not yet apply to a business and anyway may not apply depending upon your existing contract.However, if you do move they only have a claim for lost profits rather than the full sum due under the contract.You could probably escape if you offered them a lesser sum in full and final settlement.Can I clarify anything for you? I am just offline but I will be back in about an hour.Jo
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The British Gas sales man did mention that my verbal agreement was a contract with a Tariff covering three years.The Tariff I want to change too is a shorter term and the Tariff works out cheaper. I know I have made a mistake but I was still under the impression that because the new Tariff start date is not until September I was entitled to request a change.They are obviously going to loose out on this,but the usage at this storage shed is so small, I didn't think it would be of great concern.I do not really understand your explanation re their profits.I have a ,serious hearing problem,so am reluctant to phone,
I'm not sure how to explain it differently. Their claim is for their lost profits not the full sum due under the contract.You could try to argue that it wasn't properly explained but all that would mean is that they could enforce the length of the term if your evidence were accepted on the point.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your help so far. Could you just enlarge on what is meant by - Distant Selling Regs.
It applies to anything sold by distance but not for a business contract if indeed this is a business contract.
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