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The business I work a sign up in place between two

Customer Question

The business I work for has a sign up in place between two first floor windows, the sign has been up for 3 years and the council most recently have asked us to take the sign down as it is excessive in size and has inappropriate design and materials which is visually intrusive and harms the character of the stone conservation area contrary to paras 67, 132 and 134 of the National Planning framework, we are considering appealing the decision as the fasica sign it self is not poorly placed, and on visualisation it is well positioned,, the fascia sign is not illuminated in anyway that can be rendered as harmful, furthermore and in contrast the sign is light in tone in co-ordination with the business advertisement/display.
The sign is further well kept and clean in appearance. And across the road there are signs at a taller height than ours which says 'tattoo' and there is another sign adjacent close to the high street, which says 'smoke and rye' surely we can argue that these are offensive in contrary to the planning laws? Unsure if we would have a successful appeal, but our sign is not excessively large, and is only there for the purpose of advertisement of the buisness
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Michael Holly replied 1 year ago.
You can appeal the decision. Ask quickly for the appeal procedure to ensure that you comply with any time limits.What I would do is take each of the points made by the Local Authority in reaching the decision and pout it in the form of a questionnaire. For example "Do you find the sign excessive in size? " "Do you find the design appropriate?" etc, etc. Ask fellow residents passers by these questions and put the answers together to form the basis of your appeal. The appeal is that the views of the council are not shared by local people and not reasonable given no one else agrees with them.Be careful about using the other 2 signs too much. I would mention them but we do not know whether they arte also subject to action and the fact someone is doing it worse is not generally a defence.I hope this helps, if there are any further points please reply.Best regardsMichael