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My grandson has just returned from visiting hif father for

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my grandson has just returned from visiting hif father for 10 days. Much of that time was spent staying with his father and father's fiance and her children in her flat. He has come back very disturbed wnd agressove. Yesterday he told us that he had been party to a fight between his father and fiancee's sone aged 21 yrs, over his dad's treatment of his fiancee. Our grandson and the fiancee where in the bedroon for most of the fight, with her in tears. He said this also happend at new year, and that most of the dining chairs had spokes broken from other fights.
Our grandson who has a camp bedin their bedroom reports that his father frequently verbally assaults his fiancee which ends up woth a lot of pushing and shoving with her in tears being shouted at, this happens in the bedroom infront of our grandson., aurguements are over the state of the flat and he "bad parenting". When our grandson visits which is every
Third weekend and half of every half term and holiday, there can be up to nine people staying ain the three bedroomed flat, and that his dad cannot get away for some 'space'except on the very small balcony. Our grandson knows that his mother separated from his dad because of the abuse he used to metre out to herand the fact that he always threw things around when he was cross and he is worried that his fsther will become homeless if he doesn't get married.
We are worried about this syate of affairs as agter each vivist to his father our grandson has become increasinly agressive to us and his mother and stepfather. We live in the midlands and his father on London.
Any advise would be eelcome.
Hi, thanks for your question. How old is your grandson and who is his main carer?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
He is 7 and his main carer is his mother. His grandfather and I do all the after school csre and a lot of holidays as both his mother and stepdad work.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi, are you still there?
Thanks for confirming. Given the mother is the main carer she can suspend contact due to the concerns raised. If there is a court order in place regarding the contact then she will need to apply to court to vary the arrangements.I would suggest she writes to the father formally outlining the concerns and informing him that contact will remain suspended until there are reassurancea that the child is safe in his care. If there are no reassurances it will be for him to seek a court to make a decision and contact can remain suspended in the meantime.If you found this information helpful please provide a positive rating. I will not be credited for answering your question without a positive rating. Thank you
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