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We suspect foul play by our dog hating neighbours of poisoning

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We suspect foul play by our dog hating neighbours of poisoning our beautiful 8 year old Doberman with rat poison. They have previously incriminated themselves in a written complaint about our dog and their accusations were disproved by our local Councillor and 8 years ago the same happened to our Bichon and a neighbouring cat. At that time they admitted having used rat bait. Our dog became suddenely ill and poisoning was the only remainiing differential diagnosis. Horrendous, tragic, oral haemorrhaging in our wonderful dog, thoroughly examined at onset of symptoms as such and weighing a heathy 46 kgs. a superfit dog. We would like a letter to them instructing and warning them never to use such stuff again which in any case should be more regulated. Thanik you.
What would you like to know about this please?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
We would like to send them a legal letter as although we cannot prove it they have strongly incriminated themselves and we wish to ensure the safety of a future pet. Thanks.
In what way have they incriminated themselves? Bear in mind that if you say anything that cannot be supported with evidence they would have a claim.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
We and other neighbours know they did it - we shall think how to get further evidence & may contact you again if that is OK. In the meantime -thank you. We are both retired we and the grandchildren & Sons are devastated by the nature of his death.
Yes, I understand.You can always get a solicitor to write to her making that allegation and warning her of the laws of the Animal Welfare Act but unless you can prove what you allege I would not recommend it. It would open up her claim against you. She might not pursue it but it would be a risk.Can I clarify anything for you?Jo
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