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Alex, I have another question . On my particulars

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Hi Alex,
I have another question for you.
On my particulars of claim I neglected to specify the dates between which I claim interest and include the actual calculation under the County Courts Act 1984 section 69. The Court staff have not commented on this aspect of my particulars of claim either upon application or by the Directions Questionnaire sent to me. And of course my Defendant hasn't noticed it while she is too busy thinking about her next visit to Chockie Wockie Doo Dar's, outshining her peers on an influential social media network and the spa hotels in Spain at which she spends a month at a time.
11 of the 13 items on the claim each have a specified monitory value but they have all come into being at different times within the last twelve months. Would it be appropriate to file the extra details as per CPR 16.4(2) with the Court, if so, via which administrative form would be best and which is the earliest date the Court might accept as being reasonable for interest to start?
Hello and thanks for requesting me.If the Defendant has filed a defence, which I assume they have because you have a DQ, then you need to apply to the Court for permission to amend.I would try first in the DQ but you may be required to make a formal application, which will cost you £100.Can I clarify anything for you about this?Alex
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
About the dates of interest period, how should I define the earliest date that the claim for interest could start?
ie. when I bought the car, when the first fault caused me a problem, when I first reported the first problem or when I had to start paying to remedy the faults myself.
You can only claim from date you had to repay or tried to claim refund, whichever is soonerDoes that clarify?Alex
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