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Our neighbour has built an amusement park in his field and

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Our neighbour has built an amusement park in his field and opened to the public....huge zip wires across a lake and around the whole perimeter. The bungalow at the top of the field is on a protected lane and in a hamlet. He has contravened all planning and doesn't have permission for the lake the toilet block the zip wires the mini golf the disc frisbee and also does not have permission to open to the public.
We bought the house from friends ? Last year and thought it was quiet and that he just had a lake and a few animals. We wanted to move from day one as it is in the sticks and we are too town people for this.
He has received the first letter from planning reinforcement, they say he will never be allowed any of these things including opening to the public.
We can see it from our back garden the lake and zip wires are right next to us. We were preparing our home to sell when this happened and are worried we won't be able to or it will loose value. Thecouncil say it will take a long time to sort out but will be done.
Would it help to get a solicitor on this or not?
Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to answer this for you. Enforcement of breaches of planning law are the responsibility of local planning authorities. You as an individual can not take enforcement action. You may have an action against this man in nuisance or negligence and could claim compensation for loss of amenity etc. You could also seek an order requiring him to desist from the nuisance behaviour. However, this would be a very expensive course of action and would also take a considerable amount of time and have no guarantee of success. In short the best idea may be to let the authority take the action.
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