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I have spent many years as an IT professional and in that time

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I have spent many years as an IT professional and in that time I have developed my own unique tool for assessing the IT maturity of a business when I join them. In my current role, I have had to make a large number of the team redundant mainly due to years of negligence and incompetence but in the time I worked with them I gave them access to my work and also introduced them to some elements of the 'Unipart Way' as an example of best practice which I have previously worked for that company.
Three of the team have now started their own business and have advertised IT maturity assessments as a service they are selling. I know they will be using my tool for that and I don't want them to, although it is not something I have any protection over is there anything I can do to prevent them using my work?
What precisely is the tool you refer to? If it is a software program then you hold the copyright on it. If it is a business method or idea, however, it is not capable of protection. Please can you explain your situation a little more.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My tool is something I gave developed over a number of years from my experience to ask about 500 questions across 36 elements of IT best practice which produces a radar view of the IT maturity of an organisation. Unfortunately it is only developed using Microsoft Excel but my concern is that I have never met another IT director who does such a thing when joining an organisation which makes my skills quite unique and with these guys offering to sell it on the internet then they are using my work IP to reduce my market for employment, plus with their incompetence in the IT arena they will devalue the tool because I back it up with roadmaps and strategies beyond their capability.
Your words would be subject to copyright, in other words the specific questions framed by you. The business idea of asking questions to achieve a result would not. If they have stolen your words then that is something that you could take to court.
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