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My girlfriend was given custody of the children and thr family

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My girlfriend was given custody of the children and thr family home 8 years ago, because the relationship between her exhusband was very abusive. Obviously we have only been together for 5 years, they have 3 children now 19, 16 and soon to be 9.she has been looking after and taking care of all their needs. And now the 9 year old who is doing very well and junior school is getting very upset at the prospect that she will have to move home when her brother reaches 18 and not stay in the same area where the school is academically one of the best in the borough.
I live on my own 40 mins away and have stuck to the conditions of the court that staying more than 4 consecutive days a week means he can ask her to sell.
I feel it's something that has now started to affect a good working relationship and just feel as time gets closer the pressure of all of this will break us up.
i have said that your exhusband holds the key to his daughters happiness and education, as a father myself I'm well aware of what pressures a broken home can have and he has been waiting for his money.
I'm not in a position to buying him out as, I do feel what happens to my financial input if our relationship goes bad I'll be left with a massive debt and not be in the home.
I'm just trying to get her some answer as to how she and him can sort this out without involving me.
Many thanks
Hi, thank you for your question.Was a financial order made or approved by the court as part of their divorce, and if so what were the terms of the order?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
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Hi, sorry I cannot take a phone call at the moment, but if you provide the information requested I will continue assisting you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I'm not sure what legal things were set out all I know is that the youngest was not taking into account as the judge deemed there was to much of an age gap, I'm just trying to get her some information as to where she and the children stand. Sorry I can be of more, she doesn't know I'm doing this just trying to point her in righ direction..
Thankd for confirming. Without knowing the full details of thr court order it is difficult to provide accurate information and I wouldn't want to provide you a wrong direction.However, if an order was made for a sale of the property when thr middle child turns 18 then there is no grounds to vary such an order and she would need to comply with it. However, I do fimd it strange that a court would make such a decision knowing that there will still be a minor child in her care.If you are able to provide full details of the order I can continue assisting you. In the meantime if you have found my information helpful please provide a positive rating as I will not be credited without a positive rating. Thank you
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I led to believe that the order was that when the middle child becomes 18 or stops his education then that is what is supposed to happen, just thought I'd ask if that would be affecting their 9 year old daughters human rights as to her academic education could be affected
Thank you - when the court considers the finances in relation to divorces, they first need to ensure that the minor children are suitably housed throughout their minority - and I would find it highly surprising that a judge would make an order for a sale when the youngest is around 11, and there being no security of accommodation.