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Neighbour has hung heavy metal gates on the same post as my

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neighbour has hung heavy metal gates on the same post as my heavy gates. The post is my property. There gates have no spacers so they won't shut properly. This is due to the summer heat and my post being moved by a good 4 inches with their constant banging trying to shut their gates. The banging has caused my house brick to crack, my gates are bi-fold and are screwed to the house wall, taking most of the weight. My brother has had to put steel braces on the wall the front of the house to try to protect from further damaged.
Since asking my neighbour to repair the damage and remove her gates off my property I am now being bullied and harassed and intimidated by her family. Her son in law is 6' 3" tall and as wide. I am recently widowed, my son also died only 6yar ago from Cystic Fibrosis. I am 66 years old, have had a stroke and am frightened of going out of my own house. My neighbour has ignored my polite request to repair the damage which is now running into hundreds of pounds. I am supposed to be kept calm but find myself in a nervous disposition. The neighbour has ignored my request. I have been harassed and bullied by this neighbours boyfriend throughout looking after my husband who died from lung cancer. Yes they are right, I am and feel very vulnerable. I could report some of the actions towards me to the police they are that serious but am frightened of the consequences.
What is the nature of the bullying?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Her boyfriend who comes at 9 in the morning and leaves at eleven at night. Half moved in just after her husband died several years ago. Caught him spying on me in my nightdress at night time, several times. Also my grandchildren when they stayed overnight with me, in their night clothes also. My grandchildren never stay with me now. Her boyfriend tried to run me over in his car when my son was dying in intensive care. I was bent down with a brush and shovel clearing rubbish after sweeping my front. I saw the car coming at me very fast and he stopped on a coin, 6 inches away from me. I went indoor and cried, I was grieving for my seriously ill child, going through a nervous breakdown. After ten minutes this man knocked on my door to ask if I was alright. I said yes just to get him away. Intimidation very loud voices callinf me and my property which is beautifully kept from behind the fence. Witch hunts with other neighbours. I could go on, it's making me ill. When I et upset the pain in my arm is unbearable.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Her very large son in law previously mentioned was going into the bot of his car parked on the front. I was stood on my front step looking for my friend to arrive in his car when he saw me and started to wave, over the top wave certainly not friendly, this went on I stood my stance. After that I went indoors and cried. I felt like he was intimidating me.
I'm really sorry but you are not describing harassment.
It might well be an unpleasant encounter but this isn't harassment.The car incident is not going to be accepted as a deliberate attempt to run you over as opposed to an accident. If he knocked on your door to check you were OK then that would weaken any suggestion further.
Watching you alone is not a harassing act. Similarly neither is waving at you. These are just the normal interactions of neighbours I'm afraid.
I'm very sorry but this is just plain not unlawful on the facts that you describe.Can I clarify anything for you?Jo
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
What about repairing the damage to my home caused by them hanging their gates on my post.
If there is actual damage then you would have a claim for the specific cost of repair although it would seem an issue for your house insurance to pursue.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you Jo. One last question. Can I et them to remove their gates from my post.
if it is your property then you could ask them to do that.It might not be particularly cost effective to sue though.
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