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Scots lawI do no no where to start. I will tryMy aunt

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scots law
I do no no where to start. I will try
My aunt who died 5/2/2106 aged 94 years left land in the republic of Ireland to myself, 2 sisters and 2 brothers. She was unmarried.
Three years before she died she was cared for in a nursing home. One brother who lives in Northern Ireland was the power of attorney. My other brother who lives locally renovated her house and rented it out without informing the power of attorney or discussing this with anyone else in the family. My sister and I both did not think this was correct and tried on several occasions to get him to stop. He has such an nature that he listens to no-one and continued. The brother who is poa we are not too sure if he has been honest with the money either. I went to a solicitor and told her the whole awful story. She has advised that I have to know what is going on. She wrote to the firm dealing with the estate and has asked for a copy of the will and to confirm that they are acting for the estate. My sister is an exequter along with my brother who rented out the house but has taken no interest in the estate I can understand this as it has dragged on for years. The brother who is the poa to make things worse works for the hmrc fraud department and he could lose his job, pension ect. Brothers don't speak and my sister was angry at them last week. when my brother got the letter he was very angry. My sister told me she agreed they did things the wrong way, however, she does not think they have done anything wrong and she would not have sent the letter. I am devastated at this. I don't want to get them into trouble, and have been thinking about it
I can phone solicitor tomorrow and tell her just to clarify that the form sent by the irish solicitor be confirmed in writing reason why it is necessary, so no come back in later years for tax. I then have something in writing. Would she be angry if I told her I cannot do this to my brothers (I know they did not consider anyone else) My husband says I will be aiding and abetting a crime and it could have implications. He is annoyed that they have done this and thinks I should taken it the full way however, they are my brothers and it is a terrible situation. They are not his family. Is he correct and is there any implications for him by way of tax. plan to speak to solicitor by phone and arrange to see her. Scots law can you advise me I a so worried about this
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  JGM replied 1 year ago.
When did your aunt die? Your narrative isn't clear on this? When was the house let out by your brother, before or after she died? Where did the rent money go? What crime is alleged?