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I have leased a shop premises number of years but two

Customer Question

I have leased a shop premises for a number of years but two years ago I put a tenant in
the shop under a licence as I had a few health problems. This tenant used Scottish Power
to supply the electricity. Her licence ended in January this year and I took the property
back. I filled in a change of tenancy form and sent it to Scottish Power and also applied
for another company to supply my electric. I received a letter from this new company
telling me that Scottish Power would not let the site go. Scottish Power then sent me an
email saying they wanted a copy of my lease to ensure I could sublet or a letter from
my landlord. They also wanted my date of birth to do a credit check. I contacted them
and told them they have had a letter from the landlord previously telling them I am
allowed to sublet and asking them why do you want to do a credit check on me as I do
not want you to supply me with electric. They did not state in this email they were
applying for a warrant. My previous tenant received a letter telling her they were applying for a warrant. She attended, without my knowledge to explain she was no
longer a tenant. The Clerk of the Court told the magistrates that this application was
just for the building and nothing to do with tenants or amount of money owing. They were granted a warrant as the agent from Scottish Power told the magistrates that
we were collaborating together which is absolute rubbish. I was not informed they
were applying for a warrant to enable me to contest it. They also told the court that
when my tenant first took over I left owing a lot of money. I did not owe the money
my company did and the company unfortunately went into administration. Scottish
Power were put on the creditors list and they were in communication with the administrators. They are now going to switch my supply off on Thursday but I am
unsure which company they want to pay the debt or which debt. I cannot pay the monies my company owed as the administrators said I would be showing preference.
What can I do as although the tenant is saying she will eventually pay Scottish Power
she cannot at the moment and I am left with a ruined business through no fault of my own.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 1 year ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.On what basis do they say you are liableAlex