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Not long ago i was on here about my wife locking me out

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hi ,not long ago i was on here about my wife locking me out and refusing me to see my ,and as she is of dual nationality and was soon to travel back to her country with the baby to spend time with relatives due to ill health,i had a prohibited steps order put in place in her absence ,which upset her 0n the next hearing i felt sorry and dropped the order as we both agreed to sort our own arrangements out of court,,,,but this didnt happen as she pulled a fast one on me ,so i had the order put back and cafcass were involved at the last hearing and they asked for a section 7 as she was not happy with shared custody which the judge still said will continue and has asked her for 3 yrs back dated medical record at next hearing in 3 months time. now just last week i picked my son up and discovered he was buised around the left eye socket so i asked her how he came to have this and couldnt get a straight i involved the s.s as i did not want her blaming me at the next hearing as she had done this on thwe previouse one which caused the section 7 to be the s.s came round to my mums where me and my son have a room each .looked at the boy and interviewed me and were satisfied with where the boy is and how happy he was and and on therwe put the bruise down to an accident ..but they have also insisted on a medical background check on my wife and will also give a seperate report to cafcass on their findings. i now dont wish to go on with this as it has had a big impact on the both of us especially the wife with her heath issues,at this stage how can i stop all this court issues as i just cant bear it any more and we have started patching things up with the help of the pastor from our church and other family members ....
HiThank you for your questionMy name is ***** ***** do my best to help you but I need some further information firstHow old is the child and when is the CAFCASS report due to be filed?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
the child is 3 and caffcass section 7 is supposed to be ready in 2months time and we r again still to be both interviewed by ss again as the other on one was just an investigation as to how the child got the bruise but was put down as an accident he did on his own.
may I ask why you believe you can trust your ex to act properly this time if you withdraw your applictaion?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
well a lot has taken place and i would appreciate if i could have my question answered please .
Since you have made the Court application then you can apply to the court for permission to withdraw it.Since you both agree with this it is an applictaion which can be made by Consent using a Form C2.You do need to be aware however that id Social Services have concerns then they can continue with their investigations even after the Court Proceedings have been brought to an end.I hope that this is of assistance - please ask if you need further detailsClare
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi things did not go as planned as she was trying to soften me up in hope that i would also drop the prohibited steps order ,which i refused to do ,so when she had her interview with s.s she decided to fabricate a lot of lies about me bieng a violent and abusive husband whih she tried in 2009 and i was not found guilty and Dapp who she involved were made to foot my legal costs.So she has again involved dapp saying now that her and her daughter who is my step child have suffered long tewrm abuse from me and that my son should not be allowed near me ,so i had my meeting with the s.s today and i was told that they would like to do a check on me with the police ,the only thing thats there is a curb crawling and trying to solicit a woman who was actually an undercover would this go against me in the safeguarding check as well as her and her daughters fabricated storries and is likely s.s would take the child away as in my interview the lady said due to the mud slinging at each other its not a safe enviroment for the child but we dont even live near each other,and my solicitor advised that i keep away or avoid her as she tried getting me me on harrasment charges due to phone calls where i would talk to my son and say on my days i pick my son up from nursery on tuesday after school and have him till friday morning when i take him to school and she would then pick him up and have him till tuesday when its my turn .
I feared that she was trying to trick you - but it seems you have it well in hand.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Yes she was ,well i have questions within that paragraph and was wondering or hoping that you could answer them so as i know where i stand in all this .
The Curb crawling incident should not be a major problem - and there is little chance of the child being removed since you and your ex no longer live together!