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An acquaintance asked to store her caravan on my property

for a few days. This... Show More
for a few days. This was nearly a month ago and she is refusing to move it. Is it my legal right to remove it off my land? Are there any legal issues I need to be aware of here before I arrange for it to be removed. She still has personal belongings in it, but I need the land back for my own personal use which I have explained to her on numerous occasions. I have now given her till tomorrow to shift it, but need to know what I can do to remove it if she doesn't. Thank you.
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Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to answer this for you. Probably the correct legal thing to do is to write to her telling to remove it within a time iimit (eg 7 days) and warning her what you will do if she does not. (eg that you will treat it as abandoned and dispose of it as you see fit). However you can not dispose of it without risk of being accused of theft. If you remove it without damaging it and put it somewhere safe (ideally on her property or the property of someone associated with her, or outside her home) after the time limit has expired that should not cause a legal problem for you.
Customer reply replied 2 years ago.
So I've been trying to contact this woman by phone to tell her to move her van but her number is ***** un-obtainable and I do not have an address for her as she has no permanent place of residence in the UK.If I put a notice on the van giving her until the week end to move it otherwise I will consider it abandoned and dispose of it as I see fit, would I be covered legally? Our verbal agreement was to store the caravan for a couple of nights not over 3 weeks. This caravan is impeding access to land that I need to use now.She was supposed to move it last wk end - then told me she couldn't do it then but it would be done today. I have no faith this will be done today so I need to know the next steps I can take.How can I avoid the risk of being accused of theft? In all honesty, I am thinking of donating the caravan to a local charity here in Bristol as then they can tow it away and store it somewhere appropriate. I am a disabled person and do not have the mobility to tow it myself (I dont' even have a tow bar on my car).This is obstructing my use of my land and she's making no effort to remove it - surely I am within my rights to remove it off my property? I have tried talking to the police about this but they're not interested and I'm now making a note of all conversations /interactions with this woman. I'm trying to cover myself legally in every way I can think of.Many thanks for your help and advice in this matter.***** *****
I didn't realise that you were not in contact with her. Do you have any mutual friends etc? It may be that if there is a safe place where you can legally put it, (eg a wide quiet road with no parking restrictions) that you could put it there and try to get a message to her about where it is. Don't put it somewhere with restrictions as you could be responsible for putting it there and eg fines etc..