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I have accepted an offer on my house (freehold). I have lived

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I have accepted an offer on my house (freehold). I have lived here for more than 10 years. My house backs onto a field designated as agricultural use.
After I placed the house up for sale I saw two teams of people surveying the field and I suspect that someone is considering building on that field. I visited the Council and was told no planning application has so far been received nor any enquires about development or possible development. I had my house up for sale for personal reasons prior to seeing these men surveying, my sale has nothing to do with possible development of the land behind it.
I have now accepted an offer on the property, when I receive the documents from my solicitor should I declare my knowledge of a survey team or can I remain quiet because no planning application is in place (no planning application may actual come I only suspect that it might). Thanks in advance, Adrian
Hi Adrian,Thanks for your enquiry.Two of the questions on The Property Information Form, which you will need to complete, asks-1. "Have any notices or correspondence been received, which affect the property?" You can freely answer "NO" to this question as no notification of any planning application has been received by you.2. "Is the Seller aware of any proposals to develop property or land nearby, or of any proposals to make alterations to buildings nearby?".Again, you can freely answer "No" to this question.Only if the Council had made you aware of a planning application, would you need to disclose this information to a Buyer, and just because you saw people surveying the neighbouring land does not mean you have to disclose this fact at all.On a side point- you are under a duty to disclose to your Byer any correspondence you receive from the Council or other body during the Sale process, so if you were to receive such a Notice from the Council before you sell, then you would have to disclose this to your Buyer, even if it arrives after you have completed the Property Information Form.I hope this assists and puts your mind at rest.Kind RegardsAl
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** a legal basis, but morally I am still uneasy! I appreciate the quick reply thank you