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How much should iask infliction of emotional

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how much should iask for Negligent infliction of emotional distress from Heathrow Express after their staff member who was helping me ON my wheelchair onto the train for my first flight to China. the Staff helper did not put out ramp over gap and my wheelchair got caught and broke.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.What injuries if any did you suffer ?Alex
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
this was sent
My trip to China and then Japan was 26 October to 7 November 2015.1. Train fare Paddington to Heathrow T2. COST £34.00 (17x2)
2. Arrived 3pm for 5.40pm flight CA938 LHR-PEK but damaged wheelchair difficulties caused my delay and next 8.25pm flight CA856 was booked–COST £80.00
(This delay caused my next difficulties which was meeting my tour operator guide in Beijing at a new time causing itinerary losses and more seriously with a wheelchair that could not now be collapsed as prearranged to fit in their tour car.)
3. Service Charge at Narita airport – this was for assistance on arrival in Tokyo with the shipping bureau for shipping home the wheelchair’s Powerpack damaged and now unnecessary parts – COST Yen8,910=£57.00
4. Shipping cost – COST Yen6,200=£40.00
(They refused though to include the heavy 6.5Kg battery for security reasons which meant that I had extra baggage for the rest of my trip. As well as this inconvenience Air China later insisted that I carry it as on-board luggage making another awkward luggage difficulty on both my return flights.) The parts finally arrived in mid-January 2016.
5. TGA wheelchair-powerpack crossbar replacement and labour cost – COST £88.10
6. Each of the twelve days (27 Oct-6 Nov) terrain travel difficulties – COST see below*.*When planning my trip I decided that the everyday effort of pushing me around in my standard wheelchair would be too demanding for my helping cousin and I therefore purchased the TGA wheelchair-Powerpack specifically to avoid any overly onerous care for me. This decision and investment allowed me to undertake this challenging trip. A trip that had been my life’s dream, It’s ease and practical use for my wheelchair meant that once fitted my cousin would only need to direct instead of push the chair. The battery operated Powerpack would do all the work and the extra traction would help her (and me)in the hilly areas, slippery slopes and gravel paths which I knew was ahead of us.
Without the wheelchair’s-Powerpack the ease and enjoyment were denied to both of us on every day’s tours as we had to invariably curtail the amount we could enjoy because pushing the ordinary wheelchair became too strenuous. The Powerpack would have eliminated the strain. Therefore, I ask for compensation for all the unnecessary difficulties that was sustained throughout the twelve day trip. – COST for this is for you to evaluate now £x.xx?Total Cost = £34.00
£xxx.xx?I have attached some pictures of my wheelchair-Powerpack both before and after entering the Heathrow Express train with the wheels and battery tray upside down. I also show the damaged crossbar that holds both the.wheels and battery.I await your considered reply.Regards,
Mrs G Bethune
When would be good to call?Alex
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
now please it is 17.50 in london
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
no physical injuries - Only emotional stress on the day and my whole trip of 12 days
Do you have a number as the system doesnt show it?