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A potential son-in-law (Edd) who owns his own business is

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A potential son-in-law (Edd) who owns his own business is being Blackmailed by his previous partner.
First the details. The Partner who was the accountant for the business fled the UK without paying any of the bills including mortgages and other bank bills. Edd liquidated the previous company and set up a new company without his partner. This was about 4-5 years ago. The partner we believe is now living in the USA illegally and for the last year he has been trying to get Edd to pay him as he feels he is still owed a share of the new company
Edd has received numerous letters sent to the business address and he has informed the various companies of the situation and they have taken no action against the new company or Edd.
We would like to know what legal action we can take against to Partner?
Edd's wedding to our daughter has been placed on hold because if the threat that the partner is making of suing Edd.
We are all getting desperate.
Any suggestions please
Peter ******
Hello Peter my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.I dont understand how he is being blackmailed? If a new company has been set up I dont quite see what the issue is?Alex
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
We would like to take up your offer. We have asked Edd to join us as he is 15 minutes away. He is Irish and as most Irish enjoys talking!!!Our land line number is ***** 776107 or our mobile *********** He has just arrived.His name is***** and he is a Professional Chiropractor in Rickmansworth.
Calling now. Alex
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for your response and the person who called us. Edwin is as we have found out a nervous character. He is finding it very hard to accept that a life long friend could rob their business and now attempt to blackmail him with threats of court action to get more cash from a business that he has no links to.
Edwin is talking to his Accountant / Business Manager and may well be back with further questions within the week.
Great. Of course and happy to help. Alex
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Here are the questions:
My colleague Paul believes a verbal agreement we had for our old business to pay him monthly for that business (Rickmansworth clinics ended in 2012) should be binding for a new business (Rickmansworth medical) that took over from the old one (in 2012) the same building without any involvement from him. Does he have grounds to launch a claim, when there was no verbal agreement or written agreement for his share of the new one?
Can a case where he has no evidence of any kind to support his verbal agreement claim have a good chance of strike off?
What kind of court case would he use to create a legal action of this kind.
What kind of fee range does defending such an action cost? A rough idea of the scale of fees.
How can I prove that he had run out on his tax bills both capital gains, and personal, plus credit cards up to a value of 100,000 to prove his actions at the time of the end of the old business were dishonest? Due to everyday confidentiality I cannot verify this, but I know this to be true as we shared the same accountant and business manager, can the court order the release the data of his illegal behaviour when validating his claim.
Pauls aim is to stoke up negative consequences to my reputation in court, do such cases warrant attention in the court system.
I have considered countering him in the U.S. for the 6000 he owes me, by taking him to court there. Is this doable. I will offer him the same terms by demonstrating his bad debt, illegality - non payment of his tax and bank debt and failed business record to the court there so people can see his business non-reputation. I am also considering if I can get a written verification from his ex-partner through a mutual friend of his attempts to illegally empty her bank accounts.
Would you advise using a counter measure like this to hold over his attempt to smear me professionally. I believe he will fold if he realises I can take him to court in the U.S.
I do have the opportunity to make peace with him and pay him a minimal sum of 300 a month until I have reached the sum of 20,000 to him.
In your professional opinion does he have a chance in court without any verification to a role in the new business post 2012 other than a claim to an old verbal agreement on an old business?
1) No, needs to be some agreement2) Yes it probably does3) County Court claim4) it depends, usually around 10% of the value5) You should have some documentary evidence of this Does that clarify?Alex