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Not sure if I'm contacting the right department problem.

Customer Question

Not sure if I'm contacting the right department for my problem. Although my bank HSBC is currently investigating a financial situation with BARCLAYS it was suggested by a family member that advice from the Ombudsman may save considerable time and worry.
Briefly with HSBC closing their Witham,Essex branch I'm able to withdraw funds from Barclays whose branch is virtually adjacent. On the 8th April I attempted to withdraw £500 from the only operational ATM machine inside the branch,not the outside machine.
The machine accepted my security info and card and subsequently issued a withdrawal slip and return of card without the release of any money. I called from the machine for help and after waiting I was eventually informed that an employee would come along as soon as possible and check the ATM. Regretfully after waiting for many minutes nothing happened, I called again and a customer at the tellers desk waived asking me to leave the ATM, reluctantly I left the machine at the same time looking back to ensure the machine was not being used by other persons. The teller informed me that my account with HSBC had been credited and everything was OK. On returning home I phoned HSBC and they confirmed that Barclays had been in contact and the non payment of the withdrawal was in fact credited ,however the second withdrawal was paid out. This is now the problem as I never made a second attempt to withdraw any funds. Returning back to Barclays immediately they confirmed that the sum of £500 was removed by the second transaction showing the same time as my first unsuccessful attempt.
If Barclays had taken action when I first called for help this nightmare would never had proceeded to the situation I'm faced with'
Although I'm continually chasing HSBC for an update I'm informed that it will take many weeks to finalise the outcome, should I just wait or is this something that your expertise can help me with. Sincerely ***** ***** H Fitheridge
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jenny replied 1 year ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I am happy to help you today. Have they said where and when the second withdrawal was supposed to have taken place?