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Following a Paypal complaint adjudication on an eBay sale,

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Following a Paypal complaint adjudication on an eBay sale, I am being pursued to refund money for an item that, according to the adjudication, should have been returned to me. Paypal are relying on a Royal Mail "Signed For" receipt as proof that the item was returned to me, even though the signature and name are not my own, and are not those of anyone I know.
I have received written confirmation from Royal Mail that the item was not, in fact, delivered to me, and I am expecting written confirmation of their verbal assurance that the item was not in fact addressed to me, which I believe supports my theory that the sender is engaged in some form of fraud. The sender has failed to respond to my enquiries as to the location of my property.
Paypal, however, refuse to accept any of the above, claiming the unknown signature is "proof" that I have received the item.
Paypal now seem to have referred the matter to a debt collection agency to recover the sum of money that they claim I owe. The amount is small, but I have refused to pay it on principle as I have not received my goods.
Can a debt collector legally demand money from me even though I have written confirmation that the other party has not upheld their part of the Paypal adjudication?
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.What is the sum in question please? Alex
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello Alex
Thank you for the assistance.
The amount in question is small - £29.30
My telephone number is ***** 355358
***** *****
Calling now. Alex