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We purchased a be safe car seat in January, one that

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We purchased a be safe car seat in January, one that attaches to the car with Iso-fix and seat belt clamps. When moving the seat from my partners car to my vehicle (happens maybe 2/3 times a week) we noticed one of the seatbelt clamps was broken!.With this, we took it back to our retailer who was very reluctant to help us, eventually she said they would contact be safe and see what they say. This being Saturday 24th April.
We are not not really confident with this seat as 1 of the main clamps has broken in a little over 3months use, we asked for money back to buy a new seat told this was not possible till they had a chance to repair the seat.
They have just contact us to say they (the husband and wife shop keepers) have repaired our seat and it's ready to collect. This seat keeps my daughter in place in the car and I'm not overly happy that a gentleman, caperble or not, has repaired her seat with out the manufacturer looking at it.
My question is how do we stand on getting our cash back to purchase a different seat from a different manufacturer? Or do we just have to hope his repair is suitable??
How much did you pay please? When did the fault develop?I'm, just offline for about an hour but I will be back later if that is OK?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Should of been £379 but gave us £15 off and we paid cash,Fault developed Saturday 24th April 2016, purchased around 15th January 2016
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Just spoke to my partner and she tells me that as of 3pm yesterday the retailer still had no contact from be safe, they are a Scandinavian company. Yet by 11am this morning a part has arrived and been fitted by the shop.
Ok. In that case they are entitled to a reasonable time to effect a repair. The manufacturer is no actually the liable company. The seller is. They are bound by the consumer regulations not the manufacturer. Since four months has passed since purchase though you would struggle to reject outright and recover a full refund at this stage.
That is not to say though that is the repair dos not succeed to a good standard you would not be able to demand a refund.
It is possible to argue that you have no faith in a company's ability to conduct a repair but that is a high text. It is not easy to do. You have to show reasonable grounds for believing they are not capable of repair which is not the same thing as preferring a refund. Sorry if that is bad news. Can I clarify anything for you? Jo
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
So does that mean anyone can fix/work on a child seat?
Yes. There are no special licences.
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