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I own a restaurant. A law firm have sent me letter stating

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I own a restaurant. A law firm have sent me letter stating that a customer left my restaurant 2 and a half years ago and fell over a fence on our property. The customer has said due to his fall he had to have his leg amputated and is seeking compensation from us.
At no time after the alleged incident or in the last two and a half years has the claimant reported this incident to us and the only witnesses are relative of his.
Surely he has no claim?
Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to answer this for you. The time limit fro bringing a personal injury claim is 3 years from the incident. So they are within time. They will need to prove a number if things: 1 the accident happened. &2 it was your fault ( am guessing most customers have managed to avoid falling over the fence). &3 that foreseeable harm was caused (a sprained ankle, maybe a broken keg at a stretch - but amputation!Simply having an accident on your premises is not enough. It seems unlikely. You are right to focus on the delay this must put a doubt over his claim. Is the fence still there? Ultimately though, how to deal with this will not be your decision if you have insurance. You should immediately notify your insurers of this claim. Delay in reporting it could invalidate your insurance, and in the remote chance that the claim has legs you will need the insurers to fund the legal defence and any compensation.
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