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There, Good evening. I have a ccj in magistrates court comingup

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Hi There, Good evening. I have a ccj in magistrates court comingup for motor offence. I already have 6 points for speeding and then I jumped the hard shoulder like an idiot without realizing police watching behind in the que. I was caught and told I will be sent an court hearing. Now my query is, DOES THIS COUNT as CCJ and will be held against my credit rating?. I will be paying the fine stat and pray for licence to be kept.
What was the motoring offence?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Jumped the long queue on a motorway onto hard shoulder and exited thru the next exit. Also I was driving a manual car when my licence is an automatic one. So 2 offences put together on the day it happened. The car belongs to my daughter where I am a named driver but my licence is automatic. I also have 6 points from earlier speeding offences. I am a doctor always need to get to work early. Did not understand what average speed check posts earlier and hence got caught 2 days consecutively 2 years ago. Its all absurd. Just impatient doctor getting to work. Now my query is, does this CCJ count towards my credit rating in future.?
That isn't a CCJ then.It is serious though. It is a Magistrates Court fine and you can go to prison for non payment in the end.It is not a CCJ though and should not impact at all upon your credit score.Can I clarify anything for you?Jo
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
That's all I wanted to know.But you have made me relax. Someone scared the hell out of me saying its an CCJ and next 6 years my credit will be bad and I will be watched and noted in all dealings. Hence when your popup came up, I just applied for an answer. Money is ok. 38 quid is alright as long as you answer the exact query. As long as its not an CCJ, I am fine.
Thank you.